So what is this page?

Basically, it’s me over sharing in my side hobby that also nets me a little fun money on the side. 🙂

Voxel Forge is my outlet for helping my vast number of Cosplay friends level up their work, as well as the general public through my commission service on 3DHubs.com. I’m not an artist or a 3D modeller, but I can do basic 3D modeling for parts for various costumes and props. I also experiment from time to time on my own work, such as my work on Thorn, where I go above and beyond my usual fare (3D Printg) and explore deeper into full on prop making (it’s fun, but I don’t think my skill is where it needs to be to do this for money, like I do my printing.)

Feel free to poke around and follow along on my random explorations, or if you have a few bits you need run off, fee free to check out my 3D Hubs link as well, and set up an order!